Mexican Chicken SOUP


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Mexican Chicken Soup

You are probably thinking- ENOUGH WITH THE SOUPS ALREADY!!  I get it, I totally do, but it has been for a good reason.

Ever since I moved to the UK, I haven’t had a working oven AND the current stove I have only has one working hob.  I KNOW!  So, believe me, I’m just as over soups as you are.  I’m giddy as can be, though, because we are finally getting a cooker!  All that needs to be done is to schedule installation!  I never use exclamation marks and I’ve use three in just this paragraph!  THAT is how excited I am.

Don’t take a break from soups just yet, though.  Beans, spice, cilantro, lime… this soup is worth making.

Mexican Chicken Stew-2

This soup is a safe haven for any vegetable you have in the crisper, so don’t be afraid to throw in more veg. The beans and the chicken give us the protein that will keep you satisfied (making it a great one to take to work).  And the avocado & spices add to it’s anti-inflammatory nature.  Nutritionally, this soup has it all without having to compromise a bit on flavor.


Mexican Chicken Stew-3

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