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I didn’t intend to post these Jumpin’ Monkey Bites on the site- they were just a random Instagram post but considering the feedback I got from emails, Instagram, and Facebook I thought I’d share the recipes here as well.  Someday I’ll update the photos and make it all look very pretty for you.

Jumpin' Monkey Energy Bites

When I was 16, my summer job  involved making a LOT of these coffee milkshake-like drinks with chocolate, banana, and coffee.   They were frappuccinos before frappuccinos were a thing. This recipe is inspired by those Jumpin’ Monkeys at Bixby’s Cafe and the summer of ’97.

Let me tell you- these Jumpin’ Monkey Bites SAVED MY LIFE this last week.  I know that sounds extreme, but seriously.  Homeboy and I tagged along while my husband had a conference in London this last week.  This means up at 3:30 am and on the go for the next 17 hours, with all the unpredictable snafus and irregular meals you can imagine.  Oh, and we had a 9-month-old in tow.  Can you image how easy it would be to get hangry in a situation like this?  But no!  The combo of quick energy, lasting protein and healthy fats, and punch of caffeine carried me through until we could get to decent meals.

These would also make a great snack for longer hikes and trail riding.  The dense source of calories can push you past that point you would typically hit the wall.

Here are your chocolate, peanut butter, banana, coffee bites of joy.  (Consider that their unofficial alternate name)



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