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calcium bites

These bring figs, tahini, and almonds into a calcium packed delight.  I made them for the London trip this last week.  In the UK, we don’t have Lara Bars, so I thought I was going to make a poor man’s Lara bar.  I was pleasantly surprised at how these turned out on the first try.  They are sweet without being too much so, and the tahini and fig flavor combo is spot on.

These and the Jumpin’ Monkey Energy Bites made the whole traveling experience much more bearable.  You know how when have to get up super early to travel, and it completely throws off your hunger clock?  Then you end up being hungry when you can’t really get to food, and not hungry when you finally can?  These little calcium bites are great to have on hand.  Also, they freeze well, so I am going to start keeping them on hand for when everyone else is having their dairy-filled desserts that I can’t have.

As I talked about before, if you have a dairy allergy, getting in the calcium you need is definitely possible, but you have to be intentional.  These calcium bites along with your dark leafy greens will get you closer to that goal.  I got about 24 1″ balls from this recipe.  Based on that number, 2 of these bites should give you about 70 mg of calcium.  That’s 10% of what the average adult needs in a day.  Combine these calcium bites with the other Non-Dairy Sources of Calcium, and you will be well on your way to your 700 mg goal.


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